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We help restaurants of all sizes save time while managing their digital operations.

30-Location Deli

How Groucho's Deli more than doubled their review response rate and saved 2 weeks of time in 6 months with Marqii

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Automating Review Responses

How Tso's Chinese Delivery in Austin saved 27 hours in 4 months by automating their review responses

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Multi-Unit Brand

How a 100+ unit restaurant brand surpassed pre-Covid discovery searches and doubled website visits

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Las Vegas Strip Destination

How Pampas increased their Google search views by 250% in 4 months

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35-Location Coffee Brand

How Gregory’s Coffee drove post-pandemic comeback visits and 4x-ed Google discovery in one year

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Virtual Brand

How one industry-leading virtual brand automated menu updates and 20x-ed website clicks in just 4 months

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Tourist Destination Brewery

How Deschutes Brewery saved 200 hours per month managing their online menus, hours, and reviews

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2-Location Pizzeria

How Sofia’s Pizzeria saved 540 hours of menu updates and increased Google Maps views by 9x

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